Santa Clara Valley apricot orchard drying trays in 1938

Apricot harvest in Santa Clara Valley

This 1938 photo shows orchard workers sitting by apricot drying trays in Santa Clara, California. By the 1950s, Santa Clara Valley grew more apricots and prunes than anywhere in California. Today (in 2018) there is only one working orchard in Silicon Valley — located at Orchard Heritage Park in Sunnyvale.

Santa Clara resident at the Panama–Pacific International Exposition in 1915


This photo shows early Santa Clara resident, Carl Johnson, (standing at left) at the Panama–Pacific International Exposition world's fair that was held in San Francisco, California, in 1915. Carl Johnson was the owner of a large orchard in Santa Clara Valley. The purpose of this world's fair was to celebrate the completion of the Panama Canal. The fair was held in what is now known as the Marina District.