Silicon Valley Historical Association Film Interviews

The following individuals have graciously allowed the Silicon Valley Historical Association to record in-depth film and audio interviews:

Dr. Malcolm Barber (Professor of Medieval History, Univ. of Reading/World's leading expert on the Knight's Templar & Cathars)
Ned Barnholt (Founding CEO, Agilent Technologies & Chairman, KLA-Tencor Corp.)
Carol Bartz (Former CEO, Yahoo! and Autodesk)
Paul Berg (Nobel Laureate – DNA)
Larry Boucher (Founder, Adaptec and Alacritech)
John Seely Brown (Chief Scientist, Xerox)
Nolan Bushnell (Founder, Atari & Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theater chain)
Scott Carey (Chairman of the Board, Cornish & Carey Commercial)
Dr. Curtis Carlson (CEO, SRI International)
Howard Charney (Founder, 3Com & Grand Junction Networks)
Bruce Chizen (Former CEO, Adobe Systems)
Professor Isaac Chuang (Scientist, quantum computing)
Jim Clark (Founder, Silicon Graphics, Netscape, MyCFO & Healtheon)
Bob Cohn (Founder, Octel Communications)
Finis Conner (Founder, Conner Peripherals)
Brent Constantz (Founder, Calera Corp., Norian Corp., Corazon Technologies & Skeletal Kinetics)
Bernard Couillaud (Former CEO, Coherent)
Scott Cook (Founder, Intuit)
Gordon Davidson (Attorney & Venture Capitalist, Fenwick & West)
Roland De Wolk (Journalist & Author, American Disruptor: The Scandalous Life of Leland Stanford)
Dr. Carl Djerassi (Founder, Syntex/Father of the birth control pill)
Robert Dobkin (Founder, Linear Technology)
Carol Dweck, PhD. (Author, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success)
Larry Ellison (Founder, Oracle Corporation)
Douglas Engelbart (Inventor, computer mouse)
Federico Faggin (Scientist/developed silicon gate & first microprocessor)
Julia Faure (Co-founder, Loom, France)
William Fenwick (Attorney & Venture Capitalist, Fenwick & West)
Dr. John Freidenrich (Founder, Ware & Freidenrich/Venture Capitalist)
John Gage (Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers)
Jerry Garcia (Founder & guitarist, Grateful Dead)
Dr. Charlie Gay (Founder, Greenstar Foundation/President, Applied Solar/Chairman, Applied Solar Council)
Charles Geschke (Founder, Adobe Systems)
James Gibbons (Dean of Engineering, Stanford University)
Edward Ginzton (Scientist, Developer of the klystron tube)
James Gosling (Father of Java programming language)
Robert Graham (Founder, Intel & CEO Novellus Systems)
Andy Grove (Founder, Intel)
Michael Hackworth (Founder, Cirrus Logic)
Dr. Eva Maria Hanebutt-Benz (Former Director, Gutenberg Museum, Germany)
Dr. Eli Harari (Founder, SanDisk)
Bill Hewlett (Founder, Hewlett-Packard)
Fred Hoar (Early Apple marketing director)
James Hobart (Founder, Coherent)
Ted Hoff (Inventor, microprocessor)
Annette Jaffe (Chemist, pioneer in ink jet technology)
Professor Lisa Jardine (Author, Worldly Goods/Renaissance historian)
Steve Jobs (Founder, Apple)
Ghislain Journé (Founder, Farmili, France)
Reynold B. Johnson (Inventor, computer disk drive)
Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany (Father of fiber optic technology)
Donald Kennedy PhD. (Former president, Stanford University)
Vinod Khosla (Founder, Sun Microsystems/VC, Khosla Ventures)
Anthony David King (Founder, Wayra, England)
Jasper Kirkby (Physicist, CERN, Switzerland)
Steven T. Kirsch (Founder, Mouse Systems; Frame Technology; Infoseek Corp.; Propel Software Corp.; Abaca Technology/Inventor, optical mouse)
Felix Kramer (Founder, CalCars)
Naomi Kurahara (Co-Founder/CEO, Infostellar)
Dr. David K. Lam (Founder, Lam Research)
Dick Levy (Founding CEO, Varian Medical)
Richard Wall Lyman (Former president, Stanford University)
Chris Malachowsky (Founder, NVIDIA)
Mike Malone (Author, The Big Score & The Microprocessor: A Biography )
Mike Markkula (Founder, Apple)
Steve Mayer (Founder, Atari)
Ed McCracken (Former Chairman & CEO, Silicon Graphics)
Regis McKenna (Early Apple public relations)
Scott McNealy (Founder, Sun Microsystems)
Michael D. Metcalf (Founder, Sound Advantage & SpeechPhone)
Toyofumi Miura (CEO/Designer, Laboratik)
Gordon E. Moore (Founder, Intel)
Jim Morgan (Chairman Emeritus & Former CEO, Applied Materials)
Robert Morris (Scientist, IBM)
Barney Oliver (Former Chief Scientist, Hewlett-Packard)
Ken Oshman (Founder, Rolm & Echelon)
David Packard (Founder, Hewlett-Packard)
Joe Parisi (Founder, Therma Corporation)
Linus Pauling (Twice Nobel Laureate – Chemistry and Peace)
Mihir Parikh (Founder, Asyst Technologies & Aquest)
Chuck Penson (Author, The Titan II Handbook/Archivist & Historian at the Titan Missile Museum)
Dr. Rodney Perkins (Founder, Collagen, Laserscope, & Resound)
William Perry (Founder, ESL & Secretary of Defense)
Dave Peterschmidt (Former CEO, Inktomi)
Dr. Kurt Petersen (Scientist, Father of micromachining)
Vaughan Pratt (Founder, Sun Microsystems)
James Riney (Managing Partner & Head, 500 Startups Japan)
Ravi Rishy-Maharaj (Founder, Kinaare Networks and Gigsky)
Arthur Rock (Venture Capitalist – Fairchild, Intel, Apple)
T.J. Rodgers (Founder, Cypress Semiconductor)
Carole Rodoni (Past President of Alain Pinel, Silicon Valley)
Tim Romero (Host, Disrupting Japan Podcast)
Jerry Sanders (Founder, AMD)
Annalee Saxenian (Author, Regional Advantage/Dean & Professor, School of Information, UC Berkeley)
Jonathan Schwartz (Founder, Lighthouse Design/CEO, Sun Microsystems)
Pat Selinger (Scientist, database integration, IBM)
William B. Shockley (Nobel Laureate & Inventor of the transistor)
Seth Shostak (Director, SETI project)
Larry Sonsini (Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati)
Jim Spohrer (Scientist, persuasive computing, IBM)
KR Sridhar, Ph.D (Principal Co-Founder & CEO, Bloom Energy)
Kevin Surace (Founder, Serious Energy)
Dr. Richard Swanson (Founder, SunPower)
Robert A. Swanson (Founder, Genentech)
Robert H. Swanson, Jr. (Founder, Linear Technology)
Russell Targ (Pioneer/laser apps./Founder, SRI investigation of psychic abilities)
Fred Terman (Father of Silicon Valley)
Charles Trimble (Founder, Trimble Navigation)
Phillip Seiji Vincent (Managing Partner, Plug And Play Japan)
Dan Warmenhoven (CEO, Network Appliance)
Eugene Watson (Founder, Coherent)
John Warnock (Founder, Adobe Systems)
Leigh Weimers (Dean of Bay Area Journalists)
Meg Whitman (CEO, Hewlett-Packard/Former CEO, eBay)
Lew Wolff (Silicon Valley developer; Owner, Oakland A's)
Steve Wozniak (Founder, Apple)
Alex Zaffaroni (Founder, Alza, Syntex)
Nathan Zommer (Founder, IXYS)