Silicon Valley Achievements

Silicon Valley's outpouring of inventions, scientific discoveries, adaptations, and developments makes a long list.

The Valley's contributions to civilization include, in part: 

• Long distance high-voltage transmission
• Amplifying vacuum tube
• First commercial radio broadcast
• Long distance continuous-wave radio transmissions
• Mobile radio systems development
• Klystron tube and microwave
• Radar
• Electronic measuring devices
• Nuclear induction applications
• X-ray microscope
• Traveling-wave tube development
• Silicon crystal-growing
• Programmable hand-held calculators
• Videotape and VCRs
• Development of the junction transmitter
• Linear accelerators for particle physics research and cancer treatment
• Swept-back aircraft wings
• Nuclear magnetic resonance
• Random access computer storage
• Disk drives
• Integrated circuits
• Planar processes
• Lasers
• Semiconductor large-scale integrated memory
• Silicon gate arrays
• Microprocessors
• Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)
• Personal computers
• Open-heart surgery
• Ink-jet printing
• High resolution aerial photography
• Spacecraft heat shields
• Batch processing of micro-machined devices
• Gene-cloning and gene-splicing
• Video games
• Silicon compilers
• Automated semiconductor manufacturing equipment
• Field programmable gate arrays
• Prodigious advances in artificial limbs and sensory aids
• Robotics
• Genetic engineering
• Satellite technology
• 3-D computing
and a host of other wonders!

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