Silicon Valley History in Pictures

Silicon Valley: The History in Pictures is filled with over 400 high resolution images of Silicon Valley from 1777 to Present Day.


The Wild West
Mission Santa Clara; Pueblo San Jose; Mexican Land Grants & The Resulting Ranchos; The Gold Rush; San Jose Serves as the First State Capital; Legislature of 1000 Drinks.

Early Industries
California's Majestic Redwoods; Lumbermen; Lumber Transportation; Lumber Mills; Restoration of The Forests; Grain; Wine; Prohibition; Beer.

Early Towns and Residents
Mayfield; Palo Alto; Los Altos; Cupertino; Mountain View; Alviso; Saratoga; Sunnyvale; Los Gatos; Lexington/Alma; Santa Clara; San Jose; Martin Murphy Jr.; James Lick; Mountain Charlie; Sarah Winchester.

Early Transportation
The San Francisco & San Jose Railroad; The Pacific Coast Railway; The Alviso Regatta; Interurban Transportation.

Stanford University
The Stanford Family; The Harvard of the West; Herbert Hoover.

Valley of the Heart's Delight
Orchards; Fruit Packing, Canning & Drying; Blossom Tours.

A Transportation Transformation
Introduction of the Personal Automobile; Gas Stations; The Age of the Freeway; San Jose Airport.

The Valley's Secret Weapon
The Birth of the Electronic Age; Federal Telegraph Company; Moffett Field; Hendy Iron Works; Food Machinery Corporation; Fred Terman: The Father of Silicon Valley; Stanford Research Park; Packard-Hewlett or Hewlett-Packard?; A Few of HP's Offices Over the Years; Varian Associates; Lockheed; GTE Sylvania; Space Systems Loral.

Silicon Valley
Shockley Semiconductor; Traitorous Eight; Fairchild Semiconductor; The Term Silicon Valley is Born; The Fairchildren; Intel; The Men Behind Intel; National Semiconductor; Advanced Micro Devices; LSI Logic; Applied Materials.

Venture Capital and Sand Hill Road
Sand Hill Road; Venture Funding By Region, 1995-2012; Arthur Rock; Tommy Davis and the Mayfield Fund; The Draper Dynasty; Gene Kleiner & Tom Perkins; Don Valentine & Sequoia Capital.

Commercial Real Estate Development
Palo Alto - 1950; Palo Alto - 1982; North San Jose - 1970; North San Jose - 1983; Sunnyvale Commercial Tenants in 1969; Peery-Arrillaga; John A. Sobrato; Dave Brown and Orchard Commercial; Carl Berg and Mission West Properties; Ned Spieker and Spieker Properties.

Main Frame Computers
IBM; Tandem Computers; ROLM.

Personal Computers
Xerox PARC; Atari; Apple; Timeline of Apple Products; Steve Jobs; Adobe Systems; Sun Microsystems.

The Internet
Stanford Research Institute; Netscape; Yahoo!; eBay; Google; LinkedIn; Facebook. 

Author: Mary Wadden
Publisher: Silicon Valley Historical Association
Second Edition (4th Printing): 2014
Page Count: 230 pages
Format: Hardcover

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