Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur

Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur is a 60-minute documentary built around a 20-minute interview of Steve Jobs that was conducted by the Silicon Valley Historical Association in 1994.  It aims to draw parallels between Silicon Valley and the Renaissance period, describing in detail the printing press's effect on the world, and how that compares to the advent of the personal computer.  Several experts delve deeply into a discussion of the Renaissance in order to show how Steve Jobs was our modern day Cosimo de' Medici.

During the video, Steve Jobs is able to share his advice to young entrepreneurs.  He talks about risk and the willingness to fail, the role of building illegal blue boxes prior to founding Apple Computer, and how he chose to approach life.

Also included are lengthy interviews with Nolan Bushnell (the founder of Atari), who talks about Jobs’ time at Atari, and Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula, who discuss starting Apple. The founders of Oracle, Adobe, and Sun Microsystems spend time with us as well, detailing the impact Jobs had on their lives and businesses.

Silicon Valley Historical Association president, John McLaughlin, who interviewed each participant, narrates.

Production Date: 2013
Playing Time: 60 Minutes
Format: Quicktime File (1.27 GB)

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