About the Silicon Valley Historical Association

The Silicon Valley Historical Association, also known as the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association (SCVHA), is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. 

The Historical Association's mission is to research and record the history of Silicon Valley.

For over 26 years, the Silicon Valley Historical Association has published books, produced documentary films, filmed interviews of world-impacting individuals, and maintained an archive on the history of Silicon Valley — covering its cities, companies, individuals, high-technologies and parallels with the European Renaissance period.


Hasina N. ElHajj - Cultural Advisor/Int'l. Marketing Director
Marc Bookman - Japan Liaison
Mark Brown - Assistant Director of Donations
Keith Costas - Graphic Designer
Rie Hasama - Japanese Translations
Russell Kostner - Technical Advisor
Justin Kuykendall - Volunteer
Laz Laky - Project Manager
Peter Lonsky - Director of Research & Development
Mason McBurney - Spanish Translations
Sally McBurney - Director of Films, Photography & Digital Curation
Jim McCormick - Historian
Jacqueline McLaughlin - Director of Children's Books

John McLaughlin - President/Historian
Robert McLaughlin - Chief Creative Officer
Jean-Baptiste Moretti - Musical Director
Jeff Perron - European Liaison
Mark Richards - Photographer/Author, Core Memory
Meredith Rishy-Maharaj - Photography Assistant
Paolo Salcido - Photographer/Videographer
Sal Scheri - Author
Carol Whiteley - Author
David Wong - Videographer
Gina Woolf - Project Director
Young S. You - Korea Liaison