Silicon Valley: A Five Part Series

Silicon Valley captures the culture, history and spirit of a remarkable innovation powerhouse. Narrated by the legendary Leonard Nimoy and featuring interviews with over 60 world-impacting individuals - including company founders, inventors and authors, this program takes you through the early years of the founding of Stanford University, Hewlett-Packard, Varian, Fairchild, Intel and Apple.

PART I:  In the Beginning
From the founding of Stanford University through the 1980s.

PART II: Enter the Internet
The boom and bust.

PART III: A Different Kind of Culture
Attitudes about disruptive technologies, risk and failure.

PART IV: Renaissance Parallels
Similarities between Silicon Valley and the Italian Renaissance.

PART V: Finding Silicon Valley
Company founders and inventors discuss how they arrived in Silicon Valley.

Bonus included: Steve Jobs: Secrets of Life
Production Date:  December 2012 (limited release)
Producer: John McLaughlin
Playing Time: 135 Minutes
Format: Quicktime (6 Files)
Includes: Five Part Series + Steve Jobs Film

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